Hünxe tank farm


Total capacity: 883,800 m³

Storage tanks: 52 tanks from 1,425 m³ to 55,000 m³

Opening times: Sunday/Holiday 22.00 – Saturday  12.30

Address tank farm:
In der Beckuhl 100
46569 Hünxe
Phone: +49 (2858) 9102-0
Fax: +49 (2858) 9102-72

Address harbour:
In der Beckuhl 100
46569 Hünxe

How to get there:
By road: Motorway A 3 Arnheim-Oberhausen, exit Hünxe, direction Voerde, Industrial area Bucholtwelmen-Ost
By river: Rhein-Lippe-Hafen, KM 813,2, oilport branch / junction Ölhafen

Product range:
Mineral oil products

Transshipment facilities for:
Tank Ships
Road tankers
Pipelines (RMR)

Additional service:
Comingled store of light heating oil

Authorized warehousekeeper number:

Taxwarehouse number: